<strong>Organic Cotton Care</strong><br><br>

Organic Cotton Care

All our Cottons are 100% Organic, GOTS certified and dyed to Reach compliance, then twisted and spun in Portugal in a SMETA certified factory. For more information check our traceability tab, which has all the information about your piece.

What does GOTs really mean?

The meaning of GOTs is to outline world-wide known requirements that guarantee the organic status of textiles. This includes the seeds used to harvest the cotton, the process of harvesting, the use of raw materials, ensuring the products are manufactured responsibly up to the labels. Some brands use GOTs fabrics, however we decided to go one step further and produce our garments in a GOTS certified factory. This ensures every step of the process is meticulously scrutinised and thought through to ensure an ethical, responsible sustainable product is produced. So from farm to factory you can be sure your piece is GOTs, leaving you free to enjoy fully We currently use 5 different types of cotton: 100% Organic Cotton Jersey 100% Organic Cotton Terry 95% Organic Cotton Rib 5% Elastane 100% Organic Cotton Velour 100% Organic Cotton Velour Fantasy Cord

Care Guide

Taking care of your garment is ESSENTIAL to its longevity. Obviously the most environmentally friendly way of washing your garments is a cold hand wash but we understand this isn’t always possible so a cold wash is the next best option. Hand Wash when possible Wash at 30°C Hang to dry Iron on reverse at medium temperature, 110°C Do not tumble or bleach Eco Dry-clean only

Detailed Wash Instructions

We wear tested our cotton garments and our findings were you shouldn't need to wash them more than once every 3-4 wears To preserve the colour, wash inside out Wash with similar colours to prevent colour bleeding Wash on a low cycle and give the garment a gentle shake after wash to avoid creases Hang dry to remove wrinkles and reduce the need for ironing

Extra Tips

Store your clothes folded and lying flat in your wardrobe. Hangers can stretch out the fibers and cause hanger-bumps. If you’d like to hang your pieces, use a wide hanger that supports the shoulders and avoid hanging it by the neck label Don’t forget to insert the hangers from the bottom of your clothes to avoid unnecessary stretching of the collar or straps. Avoid storing and drying in direct sunlight to prevent colour changes, sunlight also weakens the cotton fibres To avoid stains in the armpit, go easy on the deodorant and make sure that you use aluminum-free. If and when you’ve outworn your garment please get in contact with us as we have a circular system set in place, meaning your piece can have another life and maximises our zero-waste policy.

* Our goal for 2022 is to have all our new fabrics to be sourced within European and Turkish borders in order to eliminate any unnecessary carbon being produced. Sticking to our 0 waste policy we will use all the fabric we have already brought and move forward with our more local sourcing of our yarns. Download the Care Certificate